Transfers & Firearms Shipping


At GUNS on 41, we provide incoming and outgoing (shipped) firearms transfer services for customers, seasonal residents, inheritances and estates.


Procedure for Incoming Firearms


Customer needs to get a copy of our FFL sent to the sender of the firearm.


  • Can pick up a copy at the store and send to shipper
  • Many shippers already have us on file. Please check with shipper.
  • We can fax or email a copy (e-mail preferred)
  • A non-dealer can send directly to us in certain circumstances (must include copy of driver’s license and a copy of our license with package)


 When the firearm arrives, we will contact the customer if the name and number has been previously provided.


Fees: $40 total for sending license, all contact and paperwork, including background check


Multiples firearms picked up at one time: 2 firearms = $65 total. Each additional firearm, $15 per item.



Transfers shipped from Guns on 41: Outgoing Firearms


Dealer receiving firearm will need to get us a copy of their FFL.

 - Fax # (239) 689-1256.  E-mail:


Customer drops off firearm(s) - Need a copy of their Drivers License

 Info to get:  Value of the firearm

     Name, phone and e-mail address of the customer sending

    and customer receiving firearm (more info is better).


Fill out a Transfer Form (single firearm and multiple firearms transfer)


 FEES:  Handgun  - base/minimum -  $45.00

   Long Gun = Base $50.00

   Price includes packing, shipping and insuring


Additional charges (typically no more than $5-25 more)

  • Value of gun (insurance)
  • Weight
  • Distance/location being sent
  • Multiple firearms








16321 South Tamiami Trail

Fort Myers, FL 33908

239 939-4867