I want to sell my gun. How can GUNS on 41 help me?



We do purchase firearms outright. While we prefer that you call with (239) 939-4867 or e-mail  at a list of what you have, you will still need to come in and we will still need to inspect and check out the firearm(s) before we can make an offer. No exceptions, or providing of pricing over the phone. For larger collections, or in special circumstances (estates, disability, etc.), we can come to you. Also, for five or more firearms, please send an e-mail with a brief list of what you have.



While not required, we prefer that you call or e-mail to set up an appointment before coming in, especially if you have more than one firearm, a unique firearm or during busy times of the year (Fla tourist season, winter holidays, etc.).




We take trade-ins of single or multiple firearms that you can utilize towards the down payment or payment-in-full, of another firearm, ammunition, etc. However, the same rules as above under "SELL" apply. In other words, we have to see it before we make an offer. You can call (239) 939-4867 or e-mail  me at a list of what you have.








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